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Wider Planet is a high-tech online marketing company providing an valuable, customized advertising service to users

Wider Planet values the personal information of Internet users and strictly abides by the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of Korea. This Privacy Policy stipulates in detail the principles of personal information protection applied to information collected from the use of services provided by Wider Planet.

1. What Information Does Wider Planet Collect?

Wider Planet does not collect personal information that may be used to identify individuals. Wider Planet collects anonymous information generated from the use of services provided by Wider Planet or affiliated companies. Information collected from the use of services includes the following :

1.1. Log on

When a user uses services or views content or advertisements provided by Wider Planet, Wider Planet may automatically collect and store such specific information in the server log. Such information includes the following :

  • Specific information about the user’s method of using services (e.g. search words, content URLs, content)
  • Internet protocol address
  • Device event information (Hardware setting, browser type, browser language, date and time of request, reference URLs)
  • Cookies that may identify the user’s browser
1.2. Location Information

When a user uses the location-based service, information about the user’s actual location may be collected and processed. Also, such information may be collected using various technologies, such as nearby Wi-Fi access points and device sensor data providing information about base stations. Information about user location is not stored without user consent.

1.3. Application Serial Number

When a user uses services provided by Wider Planet or affiliated companies with an application, this application serial information may be collected. When a user downloads or deletes an application, or connects to the Wider Planet’s server regularly for automatic updates, information about installation, such as the application serial number, may be collected. In the case of applications provided by affiliated companies, information about installation such as the application serial number will be collected only when the affiliated companies generate and deliver such information to Wider Planet.

1.4. Device Information

Wider Planet may collect information about devices, such as hardware model, OS version, unique device identifiers and mobile network information (including phone number).

1.5. Cookies and Anonymous Identifiers

Wider Planet may collect and save information by using various technologies, such as saving one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers by a user’s device. Also, cookies and anonymous identifiers may be used when there is interaction between the services provided to affiliated companies and users.

2. How Does Wider Planet Use Collected Information?

Wider Planet uses collected information to provide more relevant, customized content and advertisements to users, to develop new services, and to protect Wider Planet users.

Wider Planet does not produce any segment that specifically targets children aged 13 and under. Also, when displaying advertisements customized to users, Wider Planet does not connect cookies or anonymous identifiers to sensitive information, such as race, religion, sexual orientation or medical history.

Wider Planet does not process any information in order to directly or indirectly obtain user identity.

Wider Planet may share collected or aggregated information with affiliated companies in such a way that personal identity cannot be determined.

Wider Planet processes personal information in Wider Planet servers that are located in numerous countries around the world. Accordingly, user personal information may be processed in servers that are located other than the user country of residence.

3. Data Storage

Wider Planet stores anonymous data for 12 months from the date of collection. Archived cookies expire 24 months after last update.

4. User Choice

If you no longer wish to receive advertisements posted by Wider Planet, click here to deactivate advertisements.